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The essential on steam inhalations for respiratory ailments

There is a knack to it and more on that later but utilizing steam therapy (inhaling steam) to relieve respiratory complaints has been around a long time – back to edo period Japan, back to the ancient Rome and the … Continue reading

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breathe easy homemade clove and mint chest rub

This clove and mint based chest rub is good for winter related breathing issues, including nasal congestion, sinus issues, coughs, colds, flu. Mint yields menthol which is analgesic, cooling and counterirritant as well as vasodilation- so opening up that respiratory … Continue reading

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Place 2- 4 drops of essential oil, a powdered portion of spice/herb or an infusion preparation (you can use a store bought herbal tea bag) into a bowl or basin, add some steaming hot water and inhale the vapors. Most … Continue reading

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