Go get grounded

Mindful gardening is becoming not only a trending activity but a true wellbeing tool. Here are two ways to step straight in and reap some psychological and physical rewards.

Go get grounded.   To stop a moment and stand still is a great way to just slow the pace, catch your breath – even follow your breath and find some inner peace. A standing meditation is as powerful as a sitting meditation.

Gardeners know silence, we often know true peace but we may be less used to stillness – there is always something to be done, but in doing for yourself, stillness is rejuvenating. Stillness is recharging the spiritual and mindful batteries. It is pure being. Be it from time to time.

Standing still, feel your feet on the floor surface. Notice the solidity of your legs as they push the weight of your body onto your feet – as the earth takes that weight and supports up. You are firm and present, feel your presence – it is strong, solid, and actual. There is life here. There is connectedness to the solidity of the ground beneath you. You can be a might oak in this moment, you can be a resilient gardener in this moment, you can be a human taking a moment. In the moment to moment of it, feel your standing strength. Stillness is energy. Stillness is energizing. Stillness is.

A barefoot connection. There are other potent advantages to standing still, especially if you slip off those shoes and socks.    A barefoot connection to the earth is even more rejuvenating, feeling the texture of the grass, or soil or paving is coming to your senses combined with the energy of stillness.  Being barefoot is being free, unburdened, natural. That is psychologically rewarding – that is also spiritually uplifting.

Standing still while barefoot is a way to divest ourselves of not just psychological tensions but of static electricity and physical tension.   Walking around all day in shoes and socks and even wellies creates electrical friction and builds up static electricity in our bodies which can interfere with bodily functions and our sense of energy, capability and alertness. 

Standing barefoot on your lawn for just three-five minutes (take longer if you can) is an ionic detox for your body   – that improves the function of your organs and immune system as well as better neuron and synaptic firing. When we connect barefoot to the earth we allow the earth to change our electrical charge – to earth us again.  With the static dissipated we then absorb ample quantities of powerfully antioxidant and anti-inflammatory free electrons directly through the soles of our feet. Not just energizing – health conferring.

Getting barefoot from time to time is a good grounding in building health and an extra sensory experience to entering the now. It doesn’t have to be all standing still, barefoot tai chi or yoga on the lawn works a treat too.

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1 Response to Go get grounded

  1. Over Soil says:

    I went all hippy up the road at Gors Fawr, taking my walking boots and socks off, walking through the spongy turf on a lovely sunny day (a couple of years ago now). Of course I then had to paddle off the sheep poops between my toes, but still, it was a jolly moment. 😁

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