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The power of passionflower tea

Passionflower has a long ethnobotany tracing back to Aztecs and other indigenous peoples of Mexico and South America. The foliage and stems of the variety Passifiora incarnate is utilized as a sedative and nerve tonic in modern herbalism while Passiflora … Continue reading

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stress kills but laughing it off lengthens your life

Stress kills … how Stress is the body’s automatic reaction to harmful situations – be that situation real or perceived; a speeding oncoming car or just the thought that you might not make it to the airport in time. Sometimes … Continue reading

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meditation made easy

Sometimes in life all you need is a set of instructions. Well here are the slow and steady steps to meditation mastery. From here you can quell your demons or conquer the world. Ok it wont stop the slugs and … Continue reading

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Simple herbal solutions to Stress and Anxiety

Simple herbal solutions to Stress and Anxiety (an extract from Natural Cures for common ailments ISBN: 9781781174142) Stress is often seen as a state of mind but it is physical too and is both the mind’s and the body’s natural … Continue reading

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