mindfulness and cognitive therapy books

my new book – By time is everything revealed – a book about mindful living and old Irish proverbial wisdom is available here http://bit.ly/time-revealed and  here https://www.gillbooks.ie/featured-authors/authors-mind-body-spirit/fiann-onuallain and in all good bookstores.

Proverbs stand the test of time because, as we explore their meaning, we find they contain timeless wisdom that can help us lead happier, calmer and more meaningful lives.

By Time is Everything Revealed contains fifty-two proverbs – one for every week of the year – each carefully chosen to speak directly to the worries and stresses that have become part of modern life.

The author unlocks each proverb’s meaning and combines it with a mindfulness exercise to offer a new set of tools for mindful living, psychological wellbeing and spiritual awareness.

some extracts</em> http://bit.ly/by-time-change http://bit.ly/fortune-extract http://bit.ly/sow-reap

I am currently working on a book about strategies to disarm depression – it will incorporate simple changes you can make to improve your mental health from mood food recipes to CBT and psychotherapy techniques.