in print

I love to garden and I love to write.

I love that folio is both a leaf and a collection of writings.

The topics that I cover in my journalism and in my books are similar to the topics in this blog – gardening for wellness, the health of the environment, natural remedies for humans, natural solutions to gardening problems, growing your own food and harvesting the garden for all its healing and enriching gifts.

One Response to in print

  1. Niamh Goodall says:

    Hi fiann,
    I heard you speak on the radio some time back, you are so knowledgeable &
    Inspirational , I just want to get my hands& mind stuck into the earth& garden! I have always been in awe of nature, but after listening to you, I want to learn more on healing , rather than my pure pleasure of watching the beauty of flowers. So I will thank you in advance, I am just about to buy your three books for my husbands birthday &
    We will no doubt learn more about the magic of nature
    Regards niamh

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