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homemade love truffles

Love truffles are a nice twist on homemade energy balls – they are really easy to make; it’s a simple blitz up of all ingredients. Here is a quick recipe featuring some mood boosting and aphrodisiacal ingredients for a nice … Continue reading

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the perfect cuppa for valentines day

A cup of rose tea can put a rosy glow in your cheeks, a glint in your eye and some lift to your libido. Roses don’t just symbolise love they have a phytochemistry conducive to optimum health and the engendering … Continue reading

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Enhancing iron absorption

There are several agents that help improve absorption of iron; either by altering the availability or solubility of dietary iron, by improving its chances of uptake in the digestive system or by improving the mechanisms of its general metabolism and … Continue reading

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abating anaemia

Following on from veganuary and the rise in prompts to take up vegetarianism to help limit climate change, if you are up for the challenge how can you head off one of the potential pitfalls of those two dietary lifestyles … Continue reading

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