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apple cider vinegar

The use of apple cider vinegar as a medicinal aid is sometimes thought of as a modern fad but it is in fact a really ancient cure; Hippocrates – he of the Hippocratic oath – was recommending it back in … Continue reading

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you don’t have to look that scary for Halloween – try a natural rejuvenation facial steam

Ok think of it as an alternative to bobbing for apples. Many herbs have volatile oils that are beneficial to skin care and a herbal steam is a simply way to get the benefits. Simply add crushed or chopped herb … Continue reading

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soothing psoriasis the natural way

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory, noncontagious skin disease. The condition accelerates the rate at which skin cells are produced, turned over and shed from the skin –from a normal monthly cycle to a weekly one and even shorter. That fast … Continue reading

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how to deal with dry skin

Toil in soil (sandy or not) and exposure to drying winds mean dry skin is common in gardeners. UV damage also exacerbates dryness. Extreme weather and even just the seasonal dips and highs can affect production of sebum (the skin’s … Continue reading

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