sound advice

some snippets from the airwaves

Gardening for morons, lawn care, dropping your trousers and arsing around.

The red light is on .. smelling plants and eating foods to help with obesity and type2 diabetes.

The functionality of food, Cleopatra’s beauty regime  and how to have a fridge facial on national radio:

that sort of thing….. beauty treatments from the garden.–NuallinThe-Holistic-Gardener

How to explain me… the garden as a makeup counter and beauty as a health issue.!rii=b9%5F20807797%5F70%5F04%2D07%2D2015%5F

Me and the pixies (kind of) on the sod show and what to do if you prune off a finger.

More than a bit of banter about horticultural therapy, beauty treatments, school gardens and how the garden heals us and itself.…/bantercast-89-fiann-o-nuallain/

die hard bloomers, beauty, grow your own mojito  and upcycling a three door shed.