exploring plant physiology and holistic action

Plants will improve health through a host of natural and automatic processes.

• Absorption and Sedimentation: facilitate the filtration of a range of environmental pollutants – purifying our breathable atmosphere.
• Photosynthesis: the carbon dioxide content of our air is recycled into oxygen – regenerating the quality of our breathable atmosphere.
• Transpiration: through this action, plants will regulate humidity & temperature.
• The subtle foliage and floral fragrances trigger deeper breathing and are beneficial to balancing the mood.
• The healing Vibrational frequencies of plants can be harnessed for health i.e. flower essences or aromatherapy- Aroma-therapeutic uses of essential plant essences can address many physical and emotional conditions, some scents directly impact on the etheric bodies and charkas. Also the visual dimension of plants can generate physiological and psychic actions- colour therapy etc.
• Phytochemicals secreted from plant leaves and stem, destroy harmful microorganisms.
• Because the electronic charge of plants is opposite to that of human beings, they also help to counteract the effects of static electricity and balance the ions that cause fatigue- this action also causes dust and airborne particles (everything from insect excreta to microorganisms) to fall from the air and contributes significantly to the purification of our breathable atmosphere.
• Leaves will catch dust and airborne particles- lessening allergic reactions.
• Many plants have a nutritional value as a foodstuff and some contain constituents (i.e. flavonoids) that act as agents for health.
• Other plants are medicinal in nature and can be employed to generate remedies.
• Tending to plants brings us into a direct relationship with LIFE and with life essence. That relationship gifts us positive energy, Joy and harmony.

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