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Three reasons to boil a kettle in flu season

For clogged up nasal congestion, raspy breathing or a boost to under-the-weather mugginess, the best thing you can do is boil a kettle. I have three tricks here that you can use the boiling water for. a mustard foot bath … Continue reading

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a no fooling blackberry and elderberry fool

A  blackberry and elderberry fool  is a tasty treat to tackle colds, flu and other seasonal viral infections.  You can run out and buy up all the immune boosting supplements and by the time they ‘kick in’ to your system … Continue reading

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Simple homemade hand sanitizers for flu season.

What with a new corona virus and older seasonal viruses on the radar, there has been a run on alcohol-based hand sanitizers lately. The thing is those products are antibacterial in the main and while hand hygiene is essential to … Continue reading

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