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about me – I am an ongoing author, occasional broadcaster,  regular weekend columnist for the Irish examiner and always an advocate of gardening for health & wellbeing.

I have a background in medicinal botany, nutritional science and horticultural therapy as well as holistic therapies, mindfulness facilitation and CBT counselling.

about the blog – The purpose of this blog is to give expression to the full potential living that tending a garden gifts –  to look at it from a holistic viewpoint and to participate with it on physical and spiritual wavelengths.

I will write about how it heals and nourishes mind, body and spirit and how we can heal and nourish it in return.

The blog is predominately text. I prefer substance over style and I’m not a fan of blogs that are all gorgeous pintrest but of no interest. Not judging – just opting with mine, to get straight to the point.

that said – If you crave some holistic garden visuals then there is always  @fiannsview on instagram.

……….. and if you like what you read and see then do check out the more in-depth content in my books.  Buy one if you can – the few cents royalty contributes to keeping this  laptop charged.

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  3. Tara dunne says:

    Hi! Saw you briefly at Bloom today & saw you had your book tucked under your arm. Where are they available. You are very passionate and knowledgable and I would love to learn more! Thanks

  4. Hi was at your talk today in drimnagh castle, it was amazing, mind blowing……what a day in the sun…… my name is christine mc mahon…..i would love if you could come to our allotment to done a talk……?

  5. Belinda says:

    Hi Fiann,

    Heard you on radio this morning and was just wondering if you design gardens for people?

    Many thanks,

    • hi Belinda – just found the spam button on this. I stopped landscaping a few years back other than show gardens at Bloom and RHS shows and the occasional community or therapeutic garden. But you can check out glda. regards Fiann

  6. Moira doyle says:

    O wow!
    I was blown away by your interview with Marian F on Sat.
    I am straight jkted into living a life of chasing mortgage etc etc. But you sound like you are living my dream life.
    I’m sure it did not fall into your life. Like an invite through the letterbox. But many congrats on choosing to inspire your followers with such a noble subject!
    I already have an order for your book marked n my calender for May. I would love to be added to your blog list. Or whatever the correct title is. This is the first time I will be reading a blog. Time is precious!

  7. Eileen Nash says:

    Hi Fiann

    Heard you today in Bandon, you were terrific! You should be on national radio & TV every week informing people how to live better lives through their gardens. Inspiring!

    Eileen Nash

  8. Louise Cleary says:

    Just saw you on TV3 player – fantastic segment! Will be buying multiple coires of your book for xmas! Thank You! X

  9. Paul Cummins says:

    Hi Fiann,

    I saw you on Ireland AM this morning and I just wanted to say how intrigued I was by your presentation of food and their nutritional/health benefits. Having done modules on nutrition in college it was refreshing to hear it so eloquently. Love the honey and grape juice idea. Great stuff.


  10. Liz says:

    You were great on Brendan today. Totally natural and calm. Thanks for that. What is your new book called..
    Can I be added to your list

  11. Sophie says:

    Hi Fiann ,
    This Christmas my mom REALLY ways your new book so my family and I have been searching everywhere across the country and there is no sign of it anywhere. If you can help that we would be very pleased.
    Thanks a lot and happy Christmas

  12. Bernadette Fitzsimons says:

    Hi Flann .
    Where can I buy your book
    Bernadette Fitzsimons

  13. Karen Lacey says:

    Hi Fiann, is there anything I can take to help my balance, I had an episode last August where I collapsed and since then my balance is very off,, I have had all sorts of tests done with the hospitals but doctor says it could take up to 2 years for it to come back right,, I am not on any medication,, would be grateful if you had some advice.
    Many thanks,
    Karen Lacey

    • hi Karen not sure where you are living – There are quite a few conditions that effect balance – its not always as simple as the vestibular system, so without a diagnosis I couldn’t comment or recommend a herbal treatment. Herbs can be specific to one thing but less helpful for another. If it is vestibular and you are not too far from Dublin I would recommend The Balance Centre on Ranelagh Road for a range of very effective treatments (01)6625977. There are other clinics in other regions but your GP should be able to refer you on to a local treatment. Best of luck with it , Fiann

  14. Gaye Rigney says:

    Hi Fann
    I saw you on Ireland AM today,

    Could you possibly have cure for sinus?
    I’ve been suffering a week or more now.
    My mum has had it for past 2months

    Thanks Gaye

    • Hi Gaye, if you type sinus into the search on this blog you will get a previous post all about it. Meantime vitamin c and quercetin supplements will help shorten sinus flare up and also adjust your histamine response for any future attacks – also type in histamines. Sometimes it is a bacterial infection and your gp might put you on an antibiotic such as amoxicillin (Amoxil) but raw crushed garlic left for 3minutes to form enzymes is as antibiotic as penicillin. so no harm in a few sambos or salads with a bit of raw garlic in the mix. regards Fiann

  15. Angela Egan says:

    Hello Fiann my husband has been suffering fronm cellulitis very painful condition. I wonder could you recommend a tonic for him please .

    • Angela, a good shake of tea tree oil in the bath with a tablespoon of Epsom salts is good to de-inflame the skin and fight the infection. Internally garlic is a natural antibiotic and boosts immune system. Also good system boosters with antimicrobial action for cellulitis specifically are Echinacea, turmeric, thyme, rosemary. Tinctures and extra strung capsules in local health store. Check my beauty treatments from the garden out of your local library there is lots in that about skin health and skin conditions. regards Fiann.

  16. Noreen RYAN says:

    You answered my question about my sons psoriasis on Ireland AM this morning. I cant wait for him to try those simple remedies. I feels like a blessing to ease the awfulness of this condition. Thank you very much.

  17. Joan Murphy says:

    Hi Fiann, my daughter suffers from severe monthly migraines which are getting worse (she is 48).
    Unfortunately she is allergic to most medication. Wondered if you have any advice for her.

    • my book ‘natural cures for common ailments’ has a whole chapter on headaches and a good section each on migraines, tension and hormonal headaches etc – its in all Irish libraries and most bookstores if you want to browse it and take a few mental notes on the recommendations in it. I would have recommended meadowsweet herb but it has the same make-up as aspirin so might be on the allergic radar, instead a great antispasmodic is Peppermint Tea which relaxes the blood vessels in the brain and can make the migraine a smoother experience, the pain part is when the blood comes back in after constricted vessels so this will make both constriction and dilation less intense. Some migraines are hormonal and so some primrose oil supplements will decrease the frequency of attack and tone the circulation. Some are vision related, so an eye test might be worth a go – my dad had them terrible until he got tinted glasses. hope this helps. regards Fiann

  18. Kara says:

    Hi Fiann
    I am watching you on Ireland AM and I was wondering if you could help. My niece was born prematurely in January, she is suffering with reflux and I am wondering if you have any natural remedies? My sister in law is breast feeding as well as bottle feeding. Can you make any suggestions? It’s greatly appreciated

    • apologies I haven’t been checking in on this site – most of my query traffic is via IRE-am or Facebook or email. hope it has resolved but my advice would have been fennel tea to breastfeeder as it enters the milk and has antispasmodic and carminative properties that transfer to feeding baby.

  19. Ellen Foley says:

    What would you recommend for chronic sinusitis. I’ve been on several antibiotics and no relief. Thank you.

  20. Bernie Colgan says:

    Hi Fiann…could u recomend some alternative medicine for underactive thyroid…have lots of symptoms…fatigue, achein / restless legs, weightgain, low libido, brain fog…would be very gratefull for any advice

    • there are diets for it and your local bookstore or GP will have one but I have heard a lot of really good things about HIT – high intensity training – as a way to kickstart thyroid function – works for brain fog, libido and weight gain too. if HIT is too intense then calisthenics is also beneficial to improving circulation and hormonal and enzyme functioning. I know it sounds weird but its another dimension that can improve wellbeing.

  21. Angela Egan says:

    Middle aged man has a beard keeps breaking out with big spots . But lately he has been getting them all around his mouth and they are very sore can you recommend anything for this . Will he have to get rid of the beard

    • sounds a bit of a sebum issue – get a good beard conditioner to strip out excess oils and possible a look at diet. tee tree applied to spots may save the beard. I often grow a beard in winter and shave in summer to let my skin breathe, years I don’t I can get dry skin and skin issues.

  22. Debbie Brennan says:

    Hi Fiann i was told I have fibromyalgia about 5 years again.im am getting worse affecting my stomach bowels and kidneys .I’m am just at my wits end and can’t see a way forward for me medications are not worrying. Do you do pivate appointments.i am desperate for help.your sincerely Debbie.

    • Sorry Debbie I don’t do private anymore. IBS is a big part of fibro, not often discussed why – but I suspect it is the stress of pain and life complications rather than what they call a comorbidity. Your GP should have a protocol for IBS – if not check my natural cures out of your local library – it covers gastric and stress. I would also think of support groups – family and friends are great and also the worst – http://www.fibroireland.com/. Support and stress management are most important to fibro as its tough enough to deal with the physical symptoms and I have seen first hand how psychological support can diminish flare ups.

  23. Mary Cremin says:

    Hi would you have anything to recommend for lemfodima. My friend had cancer cannot wear the sleeve and her arm / hand is swelling up a lot . Thanks

    • the idea of a herb or diet change for Lymphedema is not the way to go. While here may be something in electrolytes and how they act upon lymph flow, its not fully researched. Meantime the standard treatments include pneumatic compression and compression bandaging as well as light exercises to encourage lymph fluid drainage – a physio referral will get her on right track. There is such a thing as lymphatic massage which is well worth looking into – local massage therapist or Gp might have a contact.

  24. Mary K says:

    Hi Fiann,
    Thank you for all the information you provide. I am looking for your help as I am hoping you might be able to direct me as to where I can purchase the Stevia plant, not the seeds.
    Love your piece on sugar and I’m trying to eliminate as much as possible of it.
    Thank you in advance.
    Mary K

  25. Brenda says:

    Saw the HG today in Carlow . Was so impressed. Myself my friend and my little son were amazed by all of the knowledge. So wonderful. All I ever do is kill plants. I’m not a gardener but always want to be. I’m going to try to grow a garden again.

  26. Carmel says:

    Hi Fiann, just got a loan of your book ‘by time is everything revealed’, will need to buy one for myself. Very good. I do my best to cope with depression and my sister is in hospital the last seven weeks with same. What brings me down is very bad Tinnitus.
    Would appreciate anything you could recommend.

    • tinnitus can be linked to high sugar and food additives, so a bit of detox might yield some results. Some people who tried diets for PCOS with emphasis on foods and supplements high in omegas have found a diminishment in other symptoms such as tinnitus, dry skin, hormonal headaches and depression. There is also a lot of research around noise apps and also biofeedback to sooth/filter ringing – worth investigating further. The best herbal is gingko but its not available to buy in Ireland.

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