health empowerment

The aim of this blog is to over time build a detailed reference library of holistic healing plants; from superfoods, nutraceuticals, medicinal herbs and spiritual essence plants, to houseplants that provide for your personal health and for the benefit of the global environment; and also healing practices – to document the holistic actions, remedies and cure methods of the healing catalogue as well as detail all the horticultural information that will help you grow and harvest from the remedy treasury. It is for the lay person, professional practitioner and for gardening or natural medicine enthusiasts alike.

It is not a medical service but it should by information and empowerment, enable you to take ownership of your own health and health issues as well as healing choices, to source cures for common ailments, investigate the practices of complementary medicine or develop a more spiritual/holistic relationship with the healing nature of the life around us and the life within us.

If you have a serious complaint then please discuss the potential of information blogged with your health practitioner. And exercise caution at all ventures. That said I personally believe that the miracles of nature are everywhere – all we have to do is utilize them.

On the other side of the coin, I will explore how we can heal plants in our care and create gardens that heal the environment we share – From integrated pest management and homemade cures for the common ailments of plants to phytoremediation and ecological gardening and beyond to gardening with intent and gardening as prayer.

A healthy gardener is a healthy garden.
A healthy garden is a healthier us.
We are all life connected.

2 Responses to health empowerment

  1. Elaine O'Keeffe says:

    Hi I have watched you on Ireland am and am facinated by all the herbal remedies out there, I suffer migraines am on medication for them but I would love to try something else natural to see if it helps. Would you be able to advise me on what to look for. Thank you

    • hi Elaine, both fennel and peppermint tea are antispasmodic and analgesic and so great to shorten migraine duration and wont clash with paramax or other migraine meds but the best long term agent is 5-htp which is in lots of common foods – if you search this site with ‘migraine’ there are some pervious posts that explain fully. and there is more on migraine in my book natural cures for common ailments now back in bookshops in paperback and also in most local libraries. regards Fiann

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