breathe easy homemade clove and mint chest rub

This clove and mint based chest rub is good for winter related breathing issues, including nasal congestion, sinus issues, coughs, colds, flu.

Mint yields menthol which is analgesic, cooling and counterirritant as well as vasodilation- so opening up that respiratory system and allowing better blood flow to surface area of chest too 9lessing tightness or soreness). The aroma and phytochemical actions of the clove also boost the ‘breathe easier’ sensation of this treatment.

½ cup (approx. 110 fl oz) of sunflower oil
25g unadulterated bees’ wax
1 cup of peppermint foliage (or other culinary mint)
1 teaspoon of ground cloves or 20 drops of clove essential oil
Water to boil

Method: bring a saucepan of water to the boil. Add sunflower oil and cloves to a mason jar, lid and sit it into the saucepan of hot water. Wash and kitchen-towel dry the mint leaves then tear or roughly chop to release their active principles as you add them to the warm oil. Lid. Bring saucepan to a boil again – to heat the oil and help extract the phytochemicals, let simmer for twenty minutes. Allow to rest off heat for a further twenty. Strain the herb parts away then bring the oil filled jar to the boil again and chip, shave or grate the bees’ wax into the infused oil and stir until it dissolves fully and ameliorates. Finally decant mixed liquid into your storage container and allow to cool and solidify before lidding and storing for use.

This rub is intended for a massage application to the chest and back. It is suitable for inhalation and vaporising or steam bath inhalation – it is not for consumption. Keeps for a year.

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2 Responses to breathe easy homemade clove and mint chest rub

  1. My partner has asked could I email you as he finds himself embarrassed speaking about the issue. He has piles and has uncontrollable itching and pain. He has been to doctor on several occasions and has been prescribed several ointments and tablets to no avail. Has been to hospital for tests with no result. He has tried witch hazel, aloe , salt baths but as he works abroad and travels alot this can be inconsistent. We have restricted wheat in diet but there was no change. Can u suggest anything as he is at his wits end and so am I as heat seems to aggravate it more . Thanks in anticipation. L

    • I think of piles as a venous insufficiency issue just like varicose veins – so plenty of fibre in the diet and horse chestnut extract (tincture or tablet) to strengthen the capillaries and improve the valves that cause pooling. Also a resveratrol supplement to tone venous system. The which hazel ect are their to shrink but that’s not resolving the issue which is blood pooling into channels because the valves are not working right – these foods will help. but do check in with a gp at some point as things unseen/unresolved can get complicated.

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