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Even a tree was once a seed

Learning to become more mindful is a journey and we know not all journeys are smooth sailing. It does take time to get from 30 seconds of attempting to be non-thinking to a perfected 30 minutes of mindful meditation. Some … Continue reading

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Natural treatments for oily skin and seborrhoea

A greasy or oily skin type typically presents with open pores and an oily surface, which predisposes one to pimples, blackheads and potentially also acne (see pages in gardeners health) But before you despair, there is some good news: ‘oiliness’ … Continue reading

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Loving lovage

Lovage (Levisticum officinale) is in the same botanical family as celery and that’s kind of evident from its celery- like flavour and aroma and indeed its utilization in culinary terms in many similar ways to how we use celery – … Continue reading

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Migraine is a one-sided throbbing headache caused by constriction and dilation of blood vessels in the brain. The pain is actually the dilation part. Often with referred eye pain. For a lot of us it’s a hereditary condition but it … Continue reading

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Essential Medicated lip balm

for summer cold sores, winter chapped lips and year round care of sensitive lips try this simple remedy. So while the veg butter is moisturizing, the calendula oil soothing and protective and the bees wax a natural anti-bacterial agent that … Continue reading

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The Sicilian sting thing – an offer you just can’t refuse.

I love functional food and this one hits the spot perfectly – the frozen dessert granita siciliana but with a twist – made with antihistamine herbal tea. Traditional Sicilian granitas are made from sugar, water and citrus fruit or coffee/tea … Continue reading

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Geranium, rose and chamomile soothing body wash

Geranium, rose and chamomile soothing body wash is suitable for irritated skin conditions, dermatitis, acne and as a low allergen wash. Essential oil of Pot Geranium (pelargonium spp) reduces inflammation of skin and controls infection of wounds – infusions, flower … Continue reading

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