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beat back backache

We gardeners are prone to the odd bout of backache, only natural given the physicality of the hobby/occupation we enjoy. And sometimes it is a mere mild strain that can be walked off or which dissipates within minutes. Other times … Continue reading

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Do and Don’t Foods for fibromyalgia and chronic pain

Fibro is a complex cluster of complaints – not just chronic pain and stiffness but sleep issues, irritation and complications with neurotransmitters and hormones that effect mood and energy levels. There can be allied symptoms from irritable bowel to tinnitus. … Continue reading

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why a light heart lives a long time

Feeling happy decreases awareness of pain and also facilitates stronger antibody responses, thus boosting your immune system and further sustaining wellness. Having a laugh, smiling more, doing activities that bring you satisfaction or joy are all life-extension tools. One of … Continue reading

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natural cures for common ailments

Just got the cover of my new book with mercier press. here’s a sneak preview/excerpt ACHES AND PAINS Many visits to the local pharmacy are to find remedies for sundry aches and pains. These are also perhaps the most common … Continue reading

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