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bruise cure

at last my book is ready to hit the shelves and if there are any bruises in the process the cure is inside let you in on a secret the best bruise cure apart from astringent black tea and … Continue reading

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GIYers can grow less Wrinkles

Wrinkles can if not begin to appear, begin to form, as early as your 20s. especially if you have had an expressive face for most of your life. We GIYers are prone to that – the horror expression at the … Continue reading

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free advice on useful plants

As the resident expert for grow it yourself international I will be answering questions all this month on how to use garden plants, wild plants and herbs for food, medicine, garden solutions and more. so if you have any questions or … Continue reading

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the company of herbs part 2

herbs go together – not just on the plate but in the garden. When it comes to potatoes, if accompanied by horseradish (Armoracia rusticana) in the kitchen is a pleasing enough combination but if you make that match in the … Continue reading

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The company of herbs.

The age old question in gardening is what plant goes well with another. And when it comes to herbs the ‘well’ takes on a different context as many herbs can impact on the health of not just the eater but … Continue reading

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