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sick of the heat – a prickly issue

Heat rash or prickly heat is such an annoyance – that red or pinkish rash occurring on areas of skin beneath clothing really slows down enjoyment of the sun let alone gardening activity. It generally develops on hot days when … Continue reading

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thirsty work and homemade Quick fix isotonic drinks

Gardening is thirsty work, even just looking at it in summer heat is thirsty work. Dehydration is what happens when your body loses more fluid than you take in. Which is an ever present threat when under the influence of … Continue reading

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Naked solstice after sun remedies

Bheannacht ar an lá – blessings of the day. Today, the solstice, when more than the earths axis tilts towards the sun. Maybe you are naked in a dance to manifest abundance or maybe you are just catching the few … Continue reading

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Dye Invader Dye!!

How about we harvest out the invasive species for their craft and industry potential. Some have good woods for turning but many yield dyes to get fashion-minded heads turning. A rose-tinted dye is reputedly obtained from the bark of those … Continue reading

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Headache-free homemade rooting hormone

Willows (salix spp) are famed as the precursor of aspirin and other pain relief medicines due to their content of Salicylic acid which works by inhibiting the production of those prostaglandins that sensitize nerve endings to pain. Within plants containing … Continue reading

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getting a brew on – how to make some compost tea

Making a tea of your compost or manure makes it go further. Compost tea is great as a foliar spray to feed plants and supress foliar diseases whereas manure tea is best as a soil drench to invigorate or rejuvenate … Continue reading

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looking nifty on the thrifty

My latest article “the cosmetic garden” with SELFBUILD AND IMPROVE YOUR HOME has hit the shelves today. Heres an extract: The word cosmetic can conjure a notion of façade (concealer, lip plumper and other trompe l’oeil) or worse in the … Continue reading

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