treatments from the garden books

I have written several books about how to make home remedies from your garden and kitchen pantry. They combine practical herbalism with easy to follow remedy recipes, some nutritional therapy and extra holistic treatments; borrowing tricks from yoga, acupressure, aromatherapy, colour therapy etc. to fully get to the root of the problem and give you control and choices in your recovery and health management. They are all under the banner of The holistic gardener.


The holistic gardener – first aid from the garden became Ireland’s fastest selling gardening book upon its release in May 2014, regularly topping non-fiction best seller rankings and prompting a reprint in Feb 2015 and again in 2016. Now available in paperback. My second in the series of The holistic gardener books – beauty treatments from the garden sold out within months of publication in 2015 and is now also available in paperback. The trilogy was completed with the release of natural cures for common ailments in May 2016 which has seen many hardback reprints and is now also available in paperback.