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A balm for exam stresses and other anxieties.

I have long been enamoured with Lemonbalm (Melissa officinalis). I think it a pretty plant, I love its aromatic contribution to the garden but I relish its healing potential. Of course any plant with officinalis in the title was once … Continue reading

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herbal teas to help you sleep

I am frequently asked about Insomnia and for a quick fix. The long answer is to reset your circadian rhythm (search posts for that) and purge yourself of the stresses and bad habits (late coffees, late night social media and … Continue reading

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want arcadia get ‘circadian’ gardening

In 2001 a new class of cells were discovered in the retina of the human eye, classified as ‘circadian’ rather than visual receptors. That discovery renewed research into the spectrum, intensity and duration of light that influences psychological and biological … Continue reading

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