Avocado graze glaze

Functional food is for more than eating……….

For second degree abrasions and sundry grazes where inflammation occurs or for larger surface abrasions a poultice of pulped avocado flesh is sublime, the oil is so close to our skins natural oil that it has been utilized in ethnobotany as a skin nourishing treatment for centuries but its high content of skin and wound healing vitamins including potent quantities of e, a and c that topically applied make its regenerative powers so beneficial to cuts, scrapes, grazes and scratches

• 1 pitted avocado
• 1 blender or sturdy potato masher
• Optional – a few t-spoons of oatmeal

Method: Depending on ripeness, scoop and mash or slice and blitz to a paste consistence. The recommendation is to apply an avocado poultice or pulp paste to the affected site for three consecutive days. You can add oatmeal to thicken consistency if needed to hold plaster like to awkwardly positioned wounds, you can apply paste and bandage over. For most types of second degree abrasions and grazes a smear will suffice. Avocado pulp-paste will hold in fridge for the best part of a week.

Note: The fruit pulp of avocado with its broad array of anti-inflammatory carotenoids validates its utilization to reduce the pain, irritation and inflammation associated with 2nd degree abrasions but it is known also to hasten the process of healing on all skin conditions and be used as a recovery treatment to other first aid treatments where skin requires some TLC (including scars, rashes and burns)… and its delicious too!!!

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