Naked solstice after sun remedies

Bheannacht ar an lá – blessings of the day.

Today, the solstice, when more than the earths axis tilts towards the sun. Maybe you are naked in a dance to manifest abundance or maybe you are just catching the few extra rays that today provides. Note – The shade of a tree in full leaf can provide sun protection to the tune of 10 to 20 SPF but you will need more than that to shield your skin.

So just in case the sun more than kisses.. try the following aftersun remedies-

  • Aloe Vera. The fresh sap cools the burn, lessens the reddening and triggers skin regeneration.
  • Baking soda. It helps to balance your skins pH and speed recovery/healing. Add about a ¼ cup baking soda to a lukewarm bath and take a sunburn-healing soak.
  • Black tea. The tannins reduce inflammation and promote healing, don’t blame me if they also provide a fake tan.  Make tea, cool leaf or bag and rest on worst affected areas or have a bath with some tea added and some iced tea sipped.
  • Cucumber. A chilled puree will remedy sunburn if aloe vera is not to hand. Chilled slices if you fear the gunk.
  • Lavender bath or essential oil. Lavender foliage and flowers in a bath or topically applied essential oil is fresh and cooling but can also prevent peeling.
  • Natural Yogurt. Cooling agent but also like baking soda works to sort the pH of skin and trigger faster healing with Natural enzymes that speed sunburn recovery.
  • Potato peels or grated raw potato. A cooling layer  with much needed moisture and some anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties also.
  • Vinegar.  Not for the chips you will make when you start peeling potatoes but  dilute in one part water to one part vinegar as a chilled skin spritz to lessen the red and the heat sensation and bring a healing pH to skin. Plain white or apple-cider, both do the magic.

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