Geranium, rose and chamomile soothing body wash

Geranium, rose and chamomile soothing body wash is suitable for irritated skin conditions, dermatitis, acne and as a low allergen wash.

Essential oil of Pot Geranium (pelargonium spp) reduces inflammation of skin and controls infection of wounds – infusions, flower essences and petal maceration also works well. Rose is both tonic and soothing to skin while Chamomile is great with all complexion types and it is gentle on seborrhoea and helps flush toxins from skin capillaries.

• 2 litres distilled/spring water
• 2 bars of natural soap
• 2 cups of chamomile flowers
• 2 cups rose petals
• 1 cup geranium flowers and foliage
• 2 tablespoons vegetable glycerine

How to:
To a lidded pot add floral content and 1.5 litres of water. Bring to a boil and simmer for ½ hr. allow to cool fully. Strain away flowers (discard or utilize mixed with honey to produce a face mask or skin patch). Grate the soap into the infusion and bring to boil again – stirring the soap fakes until they fully dissolve, hand whisking is ok. Stir in glycerine – I like to give it a thorough handwhisk at this point for even distribution. If too thick and not right sort of goopy – you can slowly add the remainder of the water to improve consistency. Allow to cool (and any froth to settle) before decanting into containers. Will store for 1 year but it’s generally used within months if not weeks of making.

The supple and subtle supplement versions
If you are not allergic to essential oils then you can supplement the natural botanical ingredients with 10-15 drops of each of their essential oil counterparts for extra potency/aroma – add at final whisk stage.

If you have a favourite liquid soap or cannot find an unscented low allergen bar soap or are out of flowering season of the botanicals then simply add the essential oils of those botanicals to any off the shelf low allergenic liquid hand soap or body wash.

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