Three reasons to boil a kettle in flu season

For clogged up nasal congestion, raspy breathing or a boost to under-the-weather mugginess, the best thing you can do is boil a kettle. I have three tricks here that you can use the boiling water for.

a mustard foot bath is very beneficial in clearing head congestion and in stimulating our sweat glands to helps the body rid itself of toxins and be better equipped to fight any seasonal infection – bacterial or viral. It is also physically and psychologically relaxing and the heat to feet improves all round circulation which benefits natural bronchodilation and easy breathing. 1-3tsp dried mustard to a basin of lukewarm water. 10-20minute soak.

a steam inhalation with a sprig of thyme, to open airways; hot water in a basin, allow to cool a little so not scalding but still some steam rising, towel over head and inhale the therapeutic steam which opens the respiratory tract and helps soften mucus and speed up the drip to clear quicker- the thyme releases volatile oils in the heat that strengthen and detox nasal cavities. Its soothes throat too. Breathe through nose and mouth. Duration 3-10mins.

a cup of tea any warm drink stimulates nerves connected to the nasal cavities and helps activate their natural clearance mechanism but green tea also triggers bronchodilation and stimulates our bodies to release interferon – our own potent antiviral agent. So if all of your symptoms are virus related, a quick cuppa will hit the spot. There is also phytochemistry there that relaxes mind, stimulates energy and settles the tensions of being unwell.

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