a no fooling blackberry and elderberry fool

A  blackberry and elderberry fool  is a tasty treat to tackle colds, flu and other seasonal viral infections.  You can run out and buy up all the immune boosting supplements and by the time they ‘kick in’ to your system your cold or flu may naturally have run its course but this one is instant and its great if your children are sick and they turn their nose up at echinacea tincture drops.

Blackberries may be in season or from frozen. Elderberry syrup can be bought from local health stores or from a homemade batch.

how to assemble.   At the base of a glass or serving bowl place a portion of blackberries – or you could use blueberries – the dark pigments in these fruits contain antioxidants to pep up your energy levels and speed recovery but also store polyphenols which are actively antiviral in the human system.

Next add a dollop of natural yoghurt which will feed the good gut flora which is responsible for signalling your brain to release antibodies and fight off infections – a healthy gut is a healthy self.

A sprinkle of some raw (or overnight) oats – which provide energy and some happy brain chemistry (their rich b6 content helps produce serotonin) – so while  improved mood is beneficial to immune function during illness the oats also contain beta-glucan which helps white blood cells travel to the site of an infection more quickly.

Finally, a swirl of syrup of elderberry which is one of the most potent antivirals – it breaks the hook structure of viruses and stops them gripping to your cell walls, making it easier for your immune system to gobble them up. That and its quite tasty.


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