looking nifty on the thrifty

skin tonic for the bewitched

skin tonic for the bewitched

My latest article “the cosmetic garden” with SELFBUILD AND IMPROVE YOUR HOME has hit the shelves today. Heres an extract:

The word cosmetic can conjure a notion of façade (concealer, lip plumper and other trompe l’oeil) or worse in the modern world of neon teeth and tanorexia, charade. But beyond those negative associations of fastidiousness, fear of anonymity and the taint of cover-up (let alone breaches of the trades description act) cosmetic is no bad thing and in reality a human tool as old as fire, fur and smiling. Sounds like an evening at the playboy mansion I know but that said, long before Mr Hefner barbied up the perception of feminine beauty, cave women were investing in the art of staining the lip with the juice of a berry. Yes a pout had clout long before Norma Jean transformed. Evolutionary psychologists may trace lipstick back to a mating signal. Decoration and affectation heralds that intent or receptivity across the animal kingdom and in the plant kingdom sure what is petal but a fancy dress to catch the eye of an eager bee. Showing a bit of colour in your cheek or blushing your blossoms is as natural as anything. If everything is l’amore why not love it.

It goes on to explain how to grow and make your own cosmetics, keeping you looking nifty on the thrifty.

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