getting a brew on – how to make some compost tea

Making a tea of your compost or manure makes it go further. Compost tea is great as a foliar spray to feed plants and supress foliar diseases whereas manure tea is best as a soil drench to invigorate or rejuvenate cultivation beds

How to: There are two ways to make a ‘tea’ of either. Easy way- fill a pillowcase or permeable sack with manure/compost and steep in a bucket/barrel of water for a day to a week to yield nutrient rich liquid fertilizer. The advanced method is to really ‘brew’ a tea, the purpose here is microbial and nutritional benefit and requires a dollop of molasses and some aeration equipment (aquarium pump) inside the bucket/barrel to keep bacteria oxygenated and fed. If using tap water, boil, cool and sit over night before you start brew – to lessen chlorine and other chemicals that inhibit bacterial growth. The brew takes 2-3 days and is used immediately to avail of all the beneficial bacteria.

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