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Winter vomiting bug / Norovirus

The winter vomiting bug is a name given to seasonal outbreaks of a Norovirus – the same agent for gastroenteritis and sundry digestive system upsets. It presents with stomach pain/cramping, diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting with ancillary symptoms of elevated temperature, … Continue reading

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Aches and pains

Sundry aches and pains are perhaps the most common complaint for gardeners – due to the physicality of maintaining a garden and the potential for repetitive strain or just plain old injury – never mind the headache of greenfly.   Whatever … Continue reading

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seeds of mindfulness book

The power of transformation.

Creating a garden is an act of alchemy – it is the transmutation not just of soil and place in to a flourishing oasis of vibrant life but an elevation of spirit and soul in a glorious act of determination and will. You could say making a garden with all the effort and energy required will make or break you – But it never really breaks, it always makes.

It makes for change; we are transformed ourselves by our endeavours. We hone our visual and attentive acuity, we hone our self-expression and sharpen our understanding of our true selves – we find our human nature and our divine light about the garden. We are altered by it as we alter it.

We too grow and thrive and find our natural groove. We find a home in its ever-changing rhythms and we are grounded not perturbed by its ever-motion. We move with it in full vibrancy, we and it are life in motion. From moment to moment we are – that is how to be. That is the natural mindfulness every gardener is gifted.
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