homemade love truffles

Love truffles are a nice twist on homemade energy balls – they are really easy to make; it’s a simple blitz up of all ingredients. Here is a quick recipe featuring some mood boosting and aphrodisiacal ingredients for a nice valentines treat.

Begin by adding to a blender or food processor the following

• 1& ½ cups oats for slow sustaining energy release and a b-vitamin stamina boost, oats also increase testosterone levels.
• 1 tbsp of zinc rich seeds (of your choice – pumpkin, sunflower, hemp) to elevate sex hormones (both male and female) and increases our brain levels of libido-lifting dopamine. Dopamine makes us both risky and frisky.
• 2tbsp of good fat nuts (of your choice – cashew, pistachio, almonds) to activate good mood-enhancing responses. Pistachios have an added benefit in that they contain arginine an agent known to strengthen the physical mechanisms and sexual sensations of our sexual parts.
• 1tsp of raisins for more arginine.
• 1tsp figs for more zinging zinc and some rejuvenating amino acids
• 1tsp chocolate chips to increases dopamine and also to generate oxytocin – that’s the chemical released when a woman gives birth, breastfeeds or has an orgasm – it’s the chemical that makes you bond with child or partner. It also releases this chemical in men who also experience its natural release at key emotional highlights.
• 3tsp of honey for more energy release
• And for the binding glue add 1/3 cup of nut butter (again of choice – but peanut is great). Nut butters are high in monounsaturated fats, which increase energy and dopamine.

blitz all together into a sticky but firm consistency, if too dry add a drop of water or a cap of your favourite alcohol. Use a melon scooper or roll into balls between your hands. You can firm them up in the fridge. to make it look like a range of fancy truffles, you can roll some in cocoa powder, others in dried coconut and perhaps dip one or two in some melted chocolate and let set hard.

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