Diy hand sanitizer

So while spirit Alcohol (vodka, whisky etc) has long been utilized as a disinfectant and does exert strong antibacterial and milder antiviral activity, the strength/proof required to outright kill a virus is one found in the pharmacy/chemist as opposed to the off license.

The World Health Organisation recommends the use of alcohol over 70% and that’s in direction of either rubbing alcohol (isopropanol often between 90-99%) or surgical spirits (a over 70% mix of methanol and ethanol– both are more industrial or medical grade alcohols with a proven potency in killing viral pathogens.

to make –
simply mix 2-parts alc to 1-part glycerin – the glycerin slows the evaporation rate and helps disperse the virus-killing alc over the skin surface. It can feel at first a little slipier/stickier than over the counter sanitizer but it will absorb in well.

the tweak – you can swap out all or some of the glycerin with aloe vera gel – this will give a similar coating consistency but the skin tonic properties of the aloe will help the hand be less affected by the alc. A few drops of tee tree or other essential oil can aromatize the mix and be an added antiviral agent.

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