Diy hand-replenishing lotion

With the frequency of handwashing amped up and the regular use of hand sanitisers and disinfectants becoming the new normal amid the covid pandemic, the irritation of those chemical agents and the stripping of our natural protective layers are leaving many hands the worse for wear. Here is a simple rose and witch-hazel hand lotion to soothe and replenish dry and agitated skin.

Witch-hazel (Hamamelis spp) has a centuries long use as an astringent and cosmeceutical to soothe irritated skin but it also makes an ideal extraction agent for the botanicals in other healing plants. We simply infuse the plant parts in the witch hazel solution for 2-3 days. In this instance, it is to cram some fresh or dried rose petals into the liquid, to infuse aroma, colour and skin toning properties. Roses are antioxidant powerhouses and help repair at a cellular level and as a surface anti-inflammatory agent. Once the liquid has become pink we can use it.

Using E45 or Silcocks base as a base emollient, we can stir at a ratio of two:one, the base and the infused witch-hazel to a runnier lotion consistency. Use as a hand tonic to alleviate chapped, irritated or water damaged hands.

Best made in small batches as without preservatives it will generally only store for 1 week.

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