change is the breath of life

We often hear that a change is as good as a rest, but really, change is the breath of life. There is an Irish proverb Anáil na beatha an t-athrú which literally translates as Change is the breath of life.

Change is fundamental to life. Just look at the seasons, look at natures rhythms, look at the stages of your life. Change is ever-present. It is constant in the garden – from seed to seedling to plant, from a sunny moment to rain, from growing to harvesting. The beauty of the garden is not just its aesthetic but its ability to remind us that we too can transform.

In my book by time is everything revealed I look at change as a way to more mindful living. Certainly there is power and positivity in doing something different – something new. To explore that for yourself see

Meantime why not make a change to your garden this weekend. Express your self anew. Maybe paint the bench a vibrant colour, maybe plan a whole new border – the possibilities are the energy of creativity. Get in the flow with it. Celebrate with it. Feel that breathe of life.

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