Flower Remedies – Sun Method

Flower remedies are a liquid solution/essence of the healing properties of the plant used. Dispensed from a stock bottle/mother tincture, drops can be directly consumed orally or diluted further in water.

To make a mother tincture: Respectfully pick required flowers (those approaching full bloom) in the early morning before noon, preferably on a sunny day and place in a bowl of spring/mineral water. Use a clean twig or wooden utensil to slightly immerse the floating petals. Place the bowl in direct sunlight for three hours and allow the flowers to infuse in the water, then strain the liquid into 50ml or 1 ½ fl.oz of brandy for every 100mls of essence water, cork or cap and shake up contents. This mother tincture will last several years so label and date accordingly. A stock bottle comprises of 2-4 drops of mother tincture toped up with around 25mls of brandy.

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