you don’t have to look that scary for Halloween – try a natural rejuvenation facial steam

Ok think of it as an alternative to bobbing for apples.

Many herbs have volatile oils that are beneficial to skin care and a herbal steam is a simply way to get the benefits. Simply add crushed or chopped herb (or essential oil) to a basin of boiling water. Make a tent with a towel over your head so that the steam is trapped and you get the full benefit. It only takes a few seconds to half a minute to open and detox pores and absorb the volatile oils. Not advised if you have thread veins as the heat can exacerbate but good to go on all other beauty issues.

The herbs and what they do

Blackberry leaves promote sebum control and replenish oily skin
Chamomile is cleansing and soothing
Cranesbill is astringent and soothing
Comfrey root and leaf are healing
Cowslip petals are a tonic
Bistort is an astringent
Dandelion root is stimulating and restorative; also a tonic
Elderflower is toning and stimulating
Fennel removes impurities
Geranium is soothing and balancing
Green tea is rejuvenating and refreshing
Lavender is soothing and has antibiotic properties
Linden flowers remove impurities and act as a tonic
Mint is stimulating and toning
Nettle removes impurities and boosts circulation
Raspberry leaves assist sebum control and replenish oily skin
Rosemary is cleansing and boosts circulation
Sage is stimulating and toning
Strawberry foliage promotes sebum control and replenishes oily skin
Thyme is antibacterial and cleansing
Yarrow is astringent

Rose water or witch hazel is great for ‘closing’ pores after a steam treatment and is toning to skin.

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