Cultivating decisiveness

You may have heard of the old idiom ‘live horse, get grass’ meaning if you can only hang on, what you desperately need may come your way – but hanging on may be too long a wait. I prefer ‘live horse, find a less barren field’. The waiting, the procrastination, that may end up wandering into Buridan’s ass territory. Buridan’s ass is a parable of sorts, to expose the potential dilemma when one is presented with two equally attractive and attainable alternatives and therefore loses freedom of choice. So it goes – there is a hungry donkey who is equidistant between two bales of hay but can’t decide which one he should eat, and while he tries to make up his mind, dithering and hesitating, reevaluating and second guessing, he starves to death. Mindfulness can make you more decisive, help you to see clearly that the choice is to live a full life, to filter out the distraction between two equal bales and just go chew on one – the mission is to eat and live, not ponder oneself to distraction or death. Mindfulness is getting on with it. Dead heading is getting on with it, pulling weeds is getting on with it, planting bulbs is getting on with it, gardening is getting on with it. We don’t have the luxury or impulse to procrastinate in the garden, don’t pull the weed then soon there is a whole garden of weeds, don’t plant the bulbs and there is no joyous spring display. Gardening teaches us our capacity to get on with on. Mindfulness enhance that focus and capacity. Mindfulness is not a practice of avoidance of challenging circumstances – it is a practice that helps us be present and alert to the reality of the moment, to the necessity of the moment, to see it for what it is and to get on with what needs doing – or being. Yes, it is good to know and appreciate, that we cultivate that.

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