sowing some positive intent

In times of doubt and fear, the best antidote is a positive mindset. We gardeners know all about meeting uncertainty and getting on with it anyway – every plant planted, every seed sown is a risk, one we nurture out of potential failure into hopeful success. We cultivate our resilience and fortitude in the process.

how to sow intent – Gather some wildflower seed into the palm of your hand and take up a comfortable meditation position, imagine all the actions/goals you want to achieve – see each in scenarios; smiling and pushing your grandkids on a swing, in the changing room of an expensive clothes store fitting into a smaller size, doing a selfie on top of the mountain you just climbed etc. Let the seed absorb those wishes, feel/picture a ball of energy in the palm of your hand energize those grains with your intent to bring those wishes to fruition – now go sow it. Get up, go outside and sow them – on the wind or into soil. That wildflower seed may just germinate and not only bring the symbolism a step further via living reminders but also ripple positivity via food for larval butterflies, nectar for bees, beauty to your locality.

rice version – you do the same exercise but with cooked or uncooked rice grains (cooked won’t choke the non picky birds). With rice it is a wholly metaphorical sowing. It symbolises your intent to manifest a positive harvest. While it will not germinate it has the value of real seed in that what you are actually sowing in the exercise is your intention and inclination to positivity. The pure intent. You will harvest from this type of sowing too. Intent is all. Think of how we throw rice at weddings to wish luck and celebrate the new journey of marriage- rice throwing is a celebration – go scatter some joy.

breadcrumb version – well why not feed the birds, even more joy.

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