A lie on the grass.

When did you last just lay yourself down on your lawn and look up at the sky. A lie on the grass is not just a pleasant rest, it evokes the awe-inspired carefree activity of childhood – a transportation to a time long before embarrassment became a barrier to being happy-go-lucky.

Lying on the grass is also a way to be earthed/grounded, not just in the spiritual sense where you let the earth take the weight of yourself and you release your tensions to it and realize your gratitude for being alive in this moment but also in the process of detoxing any static build up in your body that may be contributing to brain fog, inflammation, muscle tension, decreased immune function and fatigue. Lying on the grass puts you in direct contact with the healing polarity of the magnetic field of the earth. It is more than the time out that reenergizes.

Lie down – read a book, cloud gaze, feel the warmth of the sun’s rays, have your lunch break, have a proper ‘do nothing’ time out – just do it horizontal with contact to the Earth. You can allow appreciation or gratitude, you can consciously deepen your awareness of the moment, really acknowledge the experience, you can release your body tension into the holding arms of the earth, you can let go of thoughts – it can be a mindful lie on the grass

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