a spring clean can also mean a mind detox

It is good to declutter the shed or the house on a regular basis, many wait until the brighter days of spring to find their motivation. And sure enough a bright blue sky provides a hit of serotonin and a spark of get up and go. But how do you decluter past trauma and emotional baggage? How do you pack up the negative people cluttering up your thoughts and in the way of personal growth and genuine progress?

here is one of the tips from my book – by time is everything revealed.

guilt free breaking away from negative people or from people with whom we have a hang-up or guilt bond.

For all sorts of reasons we can accumulate people that are not good for us but with whom it is hard to walk away from. Or have encounters that linger in our heads. It may be an Ex, an old friend who hasn’t moved along with your life changes, it may be the psychic ones – a dead relative or someone still living whom you have regret about.

I am talking about the people who populate our headspace and drain our emotional reserves. You need to break that connection. We can often take a short interlude from this situation when times are good and busy but then return all too soon to those old emotions and preoccupations. The success is in sending those preoccupying people on their journey, on a journey out of your life.

This exercise is the power of visualisation to flight simulate your mind in to thinking about those people as no longer around.

Picture an old steam train, like one from an old movie – with a brass band on the platform, balloons, buntings and flags everywhere; this is the maiden voyage of a once in a lifetime luxury trip – a trip away into happiness and resolution. All the people you need out of your head, are here. They are all smiles with a big golden ticket in their hands. They are going on this journey.

You feel no enmity towards them, or them towards you. They are smiling at you, joyous, laughing – there is no hard feeling, sorrow or pain here. They are winners of the golden ticket to someplace else. You show them onto their carriage, they wave at you out the window. You blow the whistle and the train departs – they are happy to go, waving back at you and you are happy to have sent them off. Let them go.

Now they are gone. Feel the relief. Trust that the connection is broken in a beautifully positive way. You wish them well on their journey, they are happily gone. Live your life now.

the trick is that sending them off with everyone happy removes guilt and unease, it doesn’t allow doubt to linger- they were happy to go. You are happy they went. All is good.

to find more methods European and American  editions  are available from usual online bookstores and in your local bookshop.

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