Summer protection and treatments for Neck and Décolletage

Other than the face, wrinkles are most prominent on the neck area due to the thinness of skin and paucity of underling fatty tissue, similarly the thinner skin of the décolletage can crinkle (crepe) with age and UV damage. Décolletage here refers to the front neckline to the cleavage/chest – in other instances it can include any area exposed by the open neckline of a garment.

Both places can be prone to sunburn and other consequences of exposure to the elements. Neck and décolletage can be treated the same. A strong spf is key during the day and night-time regime of cleansing and moisturizing will maintain healthy and more toned skin

Garden spa – as a night mask treat why not pick some parsley and plaster it on – the skin replenishing Vitamin C in parsley is four times higher than that of oranges, make a compress of will also leech into the skin magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur, iodine and trace copper. The chlorophyll is also beneficial to cellular repair.

Borage and evening primrose flower make excellent petal moisturizers and their seed oil is great to rejuvenate skin. Elderflower has that capacity to fade age spots soothe sunburn but also decrease the appearance of wrinkles it makes a great ingredient for any ‘neck and dec’ treatment.

Lady’s mantle helps prevent skin from sagging. Both purple and yellow loosestrife make really good skin treatments. Once the seeds are removed, Hawthorn berries are edible and with their pectin content cook up nicely with other jam fruit and preserves – hawthorn phytochemicals and its pectin support the production and function of collagen.

Kitchen spa – An apple a day – free radicals prematurely age our skin but Vitamin C in citrus fruits can mop up those free radicals. Apples can also prevents dry, flaky skin via their juicy hydration, healthy pectin and Vitamin A but their calcium content also helps skin regenerate.

Eat more but also pulp up a fruit mask for all of those benefits in an external application. Green and white tea inhibits collagenase and elastase from destroying collagen and elastin. Grape, fig and passion fruit make great body blends and 20min masks for neck and dec.

Helpful Home Treatments

White tea and parsley décolletage gel- Make a ½ cup white tea with boiling water and 1 tsp of veg gelatine, then blitz it with ½ cup parsley decant to storage contain and once set apply to creppy areas

Peppermint and sage toner – peppermint which is an astringent in its own right can be soaked or blended with witch hazel to tighten skin; the addition of sage cleanses and tightens pores

Pectin neck and décolletage mask – the pith in the rind of a lemon is packed with skin tightening pectin and the Polysaccharides in apple can slow changes to the skin structure associated with UV damage and aging. Peel, core, dice and cook an apple with ½ lemon chopped in 1 cup of boiling water. Blitz all together and cool enough to apply to skin. The lemon juice in the mix is also beneficial in supplying extra vitamin C.

Milk and two sugars lotion – Cows and goats milk are packed with cytokines (listed on expensive creams as peptides) lift dead skin cells and repair tissue damage underneath while also stimulating the production of collagen and other connective tissues – basically restructuring the skin to a healthier younger looking form. Simply whip up one cup of milk in a blender with 5tablespoons of sunflower oil 2 table spoons of almond flour, I tablespoon of honey and I tablespoon of glycerine. Stores in fridge for one week. Use as a cleanser or add more almond flour for a mask consistency.

for similar check out: The Holistic Gardener: Beauty Treatments from the Garden. Fiann Ó Nualláin. ISBN: 9781781173510. €12.99

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