Back to school – new shoe blisters

Back to school with new term shoes can quickly blister the feet. Pinch injuries can sometimes cause a blood-filled rather than fluid-filled blister known as blood blisters. Both types resolve themselves naturally so do not attempt to sped things along by bursting; the unbroken skin over a blister seals the damage site and provides a natural barrier to contamination and infection so as new skin grows underneath the blister, the body slowly reabsorbs the plasma and the bubble sac dries out and eventually falls off.

That said a dab of mouth wash (particularly Listerine) can make blisters dry out and shrink quicker.

Top tip: Rinse under cool water to lessen swelling and clean. Utilize a soft gauze or cotton pad under a plaster/band aid. ‘Clean’ and ‘protect’ are the watch words. If a blister bursts or becomes infected, use an antiseptic rinse or ointment and dress with some gauze and a breathable band aid.

Garden aid: The root of Heuchera micrantha and also horseradish root make great foot pastes (mashed/blitzed with equal parts part lemon juice, warm water and salt to deliver inherent antiseptic and astringent properties. A rhizome paste or tincture of cranesbill geranium is haemostatic and astringent and the juice of Miscanthussinensis (blitz some foliage with a few teaspoons of made tea – green, black or herbal) is a good refrigerant and anti-inflammatory but it also is beneficial in dissolving blood coagulations and dissipating extravasated blood making it good for burns as well as blood blisters and bruises.

The ever useful sap of aloe vera will benefit with coolness and anti-inflammatory action or a squeeze of mint juice. The infused bark/foliage of beech is antiseptic and astringent. Witch hazel and aloe are ever useful in these situations too, both shrinking blister and cooling skin.

Kitchen spa If the blister is large – say the entire heel -then a cold compress of grated raw potato works a treat. In the instance of blood blister – the juice of garlic not only disinfects but also promotes subcutaneous healing.

holistic gardener treatment –  the salty witch soother: to a lukewarm footbath add 3tablespoons of salt and 3tablspoons of witch-hazel extract. soak for about 5minutes and pat dry after. Wound dress if required

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