One chemical less – natural teeth whitening

Strawberry whitening – The fruit acids contained in strawberries, not least malic acid, act as powerful tooth whiteners by lifting stubborn stains off the surface of tooth enamel. Many fruits have these acids, including apples, grapes, etc., but strawberries are also packed with vitamin C, which actively clears away plaque. So strawberries offer a double hit of delicious dentistry. They are also easily grown at home in a window box or hanging basket if space is limited.

Method 1: Eat a few strawberries at the close of a meal or for breakfast.

Method 2: Simply slice a strawberry and rub it over your teeth.

Method 3: Mash up or purée some strawberries (with a little salt or bicarbonate of soda if you like) and use as a toothpaste.

Cleansing Mouthwashes – The menthol in garden grown mint refreshes the mouth while sterilising the gums and killing bacteria stuck to your teeth. Thyme is an antiseptic and is soothing too. Rosemary has the qualities of both of these and is also a source of trace calcium and other minerals that benefit teeth. Make the herb as a tea. Let it cool and keep in fridge as a daily rinse. Make in small batches as is best consumed within 3 days.

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