the skinny on a bit of weight loss mowing

There is some physicality required in the up keeping of a lawn – and we gardeners are now back into regular grass cutting mode. Oh what a chore but have you heard of ‘chore-fitness’ – doing extra housework to burn calories.

Has mowing potential. Yep! To begin with, hand mowing with a cylinder mower or an electric push, can burn as much as 182 calories per half hour of activity. Amazingly a further 20-30 minutes of lawn attention in the form of raking clippings or leaves will burn a further 162 calories and if it is a day that you decide or require to finish with a watering session then add another 61 calories.

Just compare that to a spin class, aerobic dance session or workout class where during high intensity aerobic exercises on average 95 calories are burnt every ten minutes for 57kg (8 stone) individual, 115 calories every ten minutes for a 68kg (10 stone) individual, while 134 calories are burnt off every ten minutes for a 80kg (12 stone) individual and 153 calories burnt every ten minutes for a 91kg (14 stone) individual.

Now if you’re up for it you can do pliés, leg lunges, star jumps etc between the turns but don’t go out and get a sweatband and stringer vests or sports bras especially for your next cut. Even tolerant neighbours have a limit.

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