springing into action

Haven’t blogged in ages – busy working on finishing my latest book. All done and dusted now…. and just as the ancient romans and the ever more ancient Irish Fianna returned to hunting, sporting and war in March so too I’ve been springing into action in the garden this past fortnight – without an adequate warm up or phase in procedure.

So if like me, you’ve been feeling the ache, or just belly aching the war wounds then here’s a solution from that next book.

Capsicum and ginger hot rub

Chili spice stimulates endorphin release even when absorbed through skin and like ginger, is topically analgesic and anti-inflammatory. Use as massaging agent over affected area. This warm rub flushes blood to sore spots – and is easily washed off after treatment.

Method – Simply mix a teaspoon each of dried chili flakes and ground ginger with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and use as a massage oil.

alternatively – use it as a salad dressing or baked potato dressing to elevate the mood.


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