resolve dark circles naturally

Cosmetic creams containing phylloquinone (vitamin k) are often recommended as a treatment for dark circles but the effectiveness of vitamin K really depends upon the cause of the discoloration – if the causative factor is broken capillaries then it will certainly help. If the cause is excessive alcohol consumption then not so much. Sun exposure, tobacco use, lack of sleep, allergies and hereditary factors all play a role.

If the discoloration is bluish in tone then you are looking at broken or leaky capillaries – as oxygenated blood is bluish in colour – vitamin K promotes blood-clotting and will help heal/seal the leak. It can take six or so weeks for the leaked blood to be reabsorbed – so fade of dark circle will take a similar length.

Garden spa – In terms of environmental factors as trigger to dark circles (lack of sleep etc) – while you tackle the underlying cause you can make a poultice-mask of blitzed horse chestnuts and witch hazel to soothe and simultaneously reinvigorate – both ingredients will lighten dark circles via astringency and capillary strengthening properties but also by slightly thickening the skin and masking those underlying fragile capillaries while they heal. Any chilled mask will also work a treat. Avoid contact with eye itself and only apply to skin surrounding.

Butcher’s broom has a long herbal history as a vasoconstrictive remedy for varicose veins, hemorrhoids and spider veins – and in recent times has found its way in to cosmetic creams to address puffy eyes, black eyes and dark circle under the eyes too. The astringent foliage of the shrub also contains the anti-inflammatory “ruscogenin,” and it can be utilized in lotions, poultices or pulped foliage pastes.

Kitchen spa- Eating leafy greens full of vitamin K will help while a blitzed kale or broccoli poultice-mask is an inexpensive delivery of topical phylloquinone. Those slices ofcucumbers that can cool eye sockets and tired eyes also contain vitamin C and of vitamin K two powerful skin absorbed antioxidants that diminish dark circles under the eyes.

Treatment Potato poultice-Mask – Potatoes are packed with vitamin C and many trace elements that can help resolve the dark circle and address underlying factors by all means eat a few more this week but why not hold one back for a raw poultice-mask. You can simply peel and slice a few potato circles – much as you would cucumbers – and apply to eyes and cheeks or make a poultice mask by peeling and grating one half of a small raw potato, blitz up with 2 tablespoons of your favourite astringent (green tea, black tea, witch hazel) – apply direct and relax for 10minutes while it works its magic.

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