jobs for the weekend – walk bare, reconnect, live a little

When we walk the earth barefoot, be it upon the sands of a beech, the soil of a field, a dew soaked grassy hill, the forest floor or just the everyday lawn in our very own garden a splendid magic happens – we connect with the earth – and it in turn, with every step, connects us to health and a natural realignment with the forces of life.

With each barefoot step, a multitude of free electrons from the earth’s magnetic field will travel through the soles of your feet into your body and energize your living self. But this is no tingle or buzz that you might get from a balloon or TV screen via static energy – there is nothing static here, no there is transformation, there is movement: The fact is that these earth-gifted negatively-charged free electrons are amongst the most potent antioxidants known to man, they can reduce inflammation, decrease pain perception, improve metabolism, alter the viscosity of blood and tone cardiac muscle, promote healthy sleep, pep up your sex life, even go a way to slow the signs of aging and delay the pathology of many chronic diseases.

Walking barefoot upon the earth synchronizes our internal biological clocks, harmonizes our hormonal cycles, and sustains and supports natural physiological rhythms, combined with the health giving properties of gardening – the sunshine benefits to circadian rhythms, the soil based bacteria that triggers serotonin release, the fresh air impact upon cellular rejuvenation and brain function perhaps right now it is time to slip off your shoes and cultivate some health.

About The Holistic Gardener

author of wellness books, columnist, keynote speaker.
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