Ointments, Salves and Creams

To prepare an Ointment firstly make a pint or 500-600mll decoction or infusion (depending on nature of herb or healing constituent, bark needs more boiling time, flowers can be infused easily) of the remedy herb(s), strain the liquid for use. Mix approx 90ml or 3floz of a pure vegetable type oil (olive, sunflower etc.) in a heated pot or saucepan with around 2-3 oz or 60-90g of non perishable fat, add strained liquid and stir in, simmer until water evaporates cool and store in a suitable container suitably labeled. Some practitioners add a little natural beeswax (not the furniture polish) at the simmering stage to thicken or stiffen the ointment.

Creams can be made in two ways. First make an ointment potion then slowly melt in cocoa butter at the cooling stage and allow to cool and set.

The second is much simpler- here we simply add several drops of essential oil(s) to a neutral Base cream (non-perfumed) like Silcocks base.

For a Salve make a liniment potion to the 2nd strained stage then add 1 portion of natural beeswax (not polish variety) to every 5-10 portion/parts of oil (depending on thickness required), melt and blend together, cool and set

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